Olly Murs

This will shock my 16 year old granddaughter, but I like Olly Murs new project “24 Hrs”.

The project begins with “You Don’t Know Love”. A dance tune with some great vocals. “Years and Years” is another dance tune. This one starts with Olly singing with some rhythmic piano chords before the beats kick in. “Grow Up” begins with some nice guitar chords under Olly’s vocals. A good ballad. “Unpredictable” sounds a lot like a Justin Timberlake piece. It begins with some finger snapping until the band comes in. The bass track is really good on this one.

Olly continues with some etherical chords behind guitar picking at the beginning of “Back Around”. This one brings the project back into the dance mode. Olly turns the tempo up a little on “Deeper”. The melody is a little more eerie than most dance tunes but you can definitely feel the beat on this one. Next comes the title track “24 Hrs”. A really nice ballad. I like the synthsphere sounds he uses. This is a well constructed tune and singable. I think this one is my favorite of the project.

“Private” again begins with synth chords and light rhythm. He interlaces this sound with short rhythm sections. Olly comes out with a nice love song titled “Love You More”. He goes back to mid-tempo dance with this one. Going back to the synths again with “Read My Mind”. A heartbeat rhythm in the beginning that builds into the chorus. Back to the etherical with “Better Than Me”. A danceable love song. The piano comes back to the forefront on “Flaws”. Here he turns the tempo back down with this ballad.  A simple tune that shows his vocal talents.

Olly turns the tempo back up a little with “That Girl”. Has a really good beat to this tune. “Before You Go” begins, again, with some simple beats with some ethereal chords until the beats come in. He uses some nice synth string effects in the chorus. “Better With You” has a hard, driving beat. Definitely different from the rest of the project where most of the tunes uses uplifting beats. This one drives the beat hard. The project ends with some harp strings behind Olly’s voice on “How Much For Your Love”. A really good synth waltz.

Olly Murs does some good work on “24 Hrs”. The project has varying tempos and moods that makes it a listenable, danceable project. Good job, Olly !


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