Sting is back…the Sting of The Police is back. Sting’s new project just released today entitled “57th and 9th” has Sting coming back to his rock roots.

“I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” begins this project. And it starts the project off right. You can immediately hear the Police style with this song. The vocals and chords sounds just like the old Sting. It rocks !!! The project continues with “50,000”. A lower volume song with some great guitar chords. “Down Down Down” sounds like a combination of his Police sounds with his early solo works. I like the drum work on this one. It’s a mellow rock piece. Sting brings the project back to a mellow rock feel with “One Fine Day”. Sting goes 6/8 with “Pretty Young Soldier”, a wartime love song.

“Petrol Head”, the single from the project, brings Sting back to the rock that began the project. Reminds me of Sting’s Synchronicity era. Sting brings back his Labrynth sound with “Heading South On The Great North Road”. The great Sting love song sound comes to the forefront with “If You Can’t Love Me”, a 7/8 love thriller. His Blue Turtle sound comes into play with “Inshallah”, a love song to a child. “The Empty Chair” has Sting singing with his acoustic guitar. A really mellow ballad to end this project.

Sting released a second version of this project with 3 bonus songs. The first of the three is an LA version of “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You”. It’s a more acoustic sound, less reminscent of The Police sound heard in the original version. The second bonus track is a Berlin Session version of “Inshallah”. This one uses more world instruments than the original. The final song on the three is “Next To You” sang live a the Rockwood Music Hall. This one rocks hard.

All in all, this is a really good set from Sting. This project includes styles that we haven’t heard from Sting in quite some time. I personally missed this side of Sting. A fantastic CD to include in your collection !!!


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