The Trio

Now, here’s a band that puts the power back in power trio. They are a jazz trio based out of Aarhus, Denmark consisting of Steffen Brix on guitar, Kasper Vinberg on drums, and Mark Ong on bass. They make some remarkable music. Their latest CD is titled “Resurrection”. The band reminds me a lot of UZEB. They mix jazz with some power rhythms and syncopation. They are virtuasos of their instruments.

Normally I would go song by song writing a short review of each song. I really can’t do that with The Trio. Just take it from me, the music, although unable to really categorize their music, is quite enjoyable to listen to. They are about as tight a band as you can get. To call their music jazz fusion really wouldn’t do it justice.

If you like instrumental music and music that makes you say “Whoa, how did they do that”, than this CD is for you. Give them a listen. They rock !!!!


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