The Beach Boys

Well, another week and nothing really good came out. There some new releases but I try to avoid those that say “explicit” and most of them say that. So I looked for other music and I ran across this new release by The Beach Boys. The new release is a concert they did at the University of Michigan back on Graduation Day in 1966. I know, most of you that read my blog wasn’t around back then. But The Beach Boys are still around. But I like this release for several reasons besides the music.

If you ever wanted a greatest hits list of The Beach Boys, this one is it. They play everything they were famous back at the time, which is pretty much their whole catalog. Songs include live versions of “Help Me Rhonda”, “I Get Around” (both are my favorites), “Surfer Girl”, “Sloop John B.”, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, and so many others it would make this a long read. But they also do The Beatles “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”.

Another reason I like this is that they do a really good job on songs that you wouldn’t think would be good live, such as “God Only Knows.” The studio cuts of this song has overdubbing and embellishments that you would think wouldn’t be good live. But they prove that wrong with this one.

And another reason why I like this is that it’s a historical recording of a live performance. From the opening announcement, you can tell this was what I call a “live rehearsal”. What I mean by that is when groups go out on tour, they usually book a couple of small venues to hone and perfect the show. So the show isn’t as polished as the tour shows. And this is no exception. On both shows recorded on this CD, you can tell they are working a lot with the audiences in ways that they wouldn’t do in larger venues. And this live recording is so much cleaner than most. And this is where it’s another historical recording. The microphones and amplifiers are not as good as they are now. So the mixing isn’t as clean as it would have been in a larger venue. But, on the other hand, you can hear all the parts, which is great.

If you want to reminice about the music you listened to back when you were a kid, or if you want to discover good music from a great group, than this is one to add to your collection. As I said, it is not a polished performance by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s good music and you can tell the crowd loved it. It’s hard to believe that they are still going on after all these years with this same music you hear on this recording. Enjoy it !


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